November 29, 2007

Numbers and figures…

First of all; lots of thanks to all of you who has wished me good luck with the interview today. It’s much appreciated! As some of you might now already I work as a financial controller, so obviously I have a fascination for stats, trends etc., so here are a few numbers for you!

YAY! As the chart shows, November will be the most successful month in the history of the blog. The average number of visitors in November so far is 589/day compared to 485/day in October. That's an increase of 21%!

My Google Ads experiment continues being a disaster. So far I’ve earned US$ 3.40, and since I’m not allowed to encourage people to click the ads (or click them myself), it will probably take more than a year before I’ll see any money (have to reach US$ 100).

BOXSTr has improved its service significantly. First of all the bandwidth has been extended to 1.0 GB/day and your account isn't reset until you reach the limit. This means that if you only used 0.8 GB yesterday you can use 1.2 GB today. They also have started to count the number of views/downloads and I have to admit that I'm surprised to see how many times some songs have been downloaded. I've always thought that a 100 downloads of a song would be a success. However this new stat shows a completely different picture, as most of the songs have been downloaded at least 200 times! This is the top 5 of the most downloaded tracks (number of downloads in brackets).
1. The Teenagers - Starlett Johansson (424)
2. The Raveonettes - Aly, Walk With Me (317)
3. Sia - Electric Bird (302)
4. Andrew Boland - Bird On The Wire (282)
5. Moving Units - Pink Thoughts (266)

Last night I posted a Myspace bulletin recommending two of the bands I wrote about yesterday. If I’m lucky 5 people has read it and actually visited the blog to check them out, which just proves how superficial Myspace really is. Calling it “friends” is a joke.

The Christmas songs have started to find their way to the inbox and I plan to post a longer list of freebies sometime next week. But here are two new ones received today.
+ The Ten Thousand Dollar TattooMy First Santa
"it's an indie-folk xmas song, dealing with the theme of losing the person who taught me about the spirit of giving...."
+ MinkLittle Drummer Boy (Girl)
"Sounds like: Santa Claus meets The Sex Pistols"

Sorry, but cannot resist posting three of my favorite Christmas tunes. All of them will show up next week in the Christmas post mentioned above.
+ Tiger Baby - This Christmas
+ Celestial - saving up her wishes (for another christmas)
+ Liam and Me - Winter Paradise (I Miss You This Christmas)


L. Fiore said...

That Liam and Me tune is good stuff.Thanks!
And hope your interview went well!

Matthew said...

I flirted with the idea of trying to do some advertising, just to help ameliorate the colossal amount my music fanaticism costs me, until I realised quite how little I'd be making for butchering my site.

I'm still open to suggestions, but I'm not sure there's an answer unless you're a massive hit-whore kind of site.