November 22, 2007

Trimming the list...

The post yesterday on my so-called "very long list" didn’t exactly seem to impress anyone. Probably because most bloggers are a whole lot better at organizing and preparing things, than I am. But to me 12 artists on a list are a lot, as I normally have no clue what I am going to write about in today’s post(s) when I wake up in the morning. So you could say that improvisation is the keyword for this blog, which probably explains its crappy quality?

Time to trim down that list...

The list wouldn’t really be completely without some Swedish indie pop act on it – would it? Martin Sörensson, guitarist in bands like Shade Tree, Chesterton and Sidewalk People, has recorded a brand new track called All Right. On vocals he’s assisted by the lovely sounding Cecilia Lundh of whom I know exactly nothing. The track itself has all the usual indie pop trademarks from the lovely melody to the glockenspiel!
+ All Right

Mahogany shares the Ulrich Schnauss remix of their track Supervitesse. It's dreamy and beautiful, but sadly it never really kicks off to become more than just remotely interesting.
+ Supervitesse Expansemix™

One more from the department of remixes. Ghetto Ways by Scissors for Lefty has been remixed and I simply couldn't resist listening to it, when I saw that the name of is was Baron Von Luxxury's Super Thanks For Asking Remix. A potential dancefloor filler!
+ Ghetto Ways (Baron Von Luxxury's Super Thanks For Asking Remix)

Tulsa powerpop/rock trio Admiral Twin is really eager for some attention, so the band has mailed me three (!) times suggesting that I should listen to the band's music. Since the band was so insisting, I gave in and decided to check them out. The band is no newcomer and the recent album The Center of the Universe is the sixth release since the band formed in 1996. Three tracks are up for grabs from Purevolume and though they might not be groundbreaking, they are all straight-forward and really enjoyable indie rock tunes.
+ In My Veins

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