December 4, 2007

Bark Bark...

Danish electronica label VUFrecords is giving away another free compilation of electronica tracks featuring a wide range of interesting Scandinavian artists. I'm really no expert on this genre (or any other genre for that matter), but after a few listens it does sound like this could be a really cool compilation of tracks. The label's first compilation of freebies was downloaded more than 700 times and obviously they'd love to do even better this time. So give them a helping hand a go here to download it and the first one as well, which is still available.
+ DAMPFBAHN! - All Is Swell (Zvook Mescalin Remix)

Finnish electro pop trio Regina is giving away their Christmas single called Näinä mustina iltoina (wonder what that means?). The limited edition CDR (only 200 copies made) also includes a remix of the track done by Finnish DJ Sami Suova/Schmami.
+ Näinä mustina iltoina
+ Näinä mustina iltoina (Schmamix)


Pekka, Finland said...

"In These Black Nights" or something like that

stytzer said...

Thanks :)