December 13, 2007

Every Streetcar's Got A Name...

Some of you may recall this post, where I wrote a few words on the stunning debut solo album Every Streetcar’s Got A Name by moi Caprice frontman Michael Møller? In the same post I wrote how I had asked for permission to post a track, but in the same breathe that I wasn't too optimistic about getting a go-ahead. Well lo and behold. The other day I received a message from Mr. Møller himself telling me that I was more than welcome to post a couple of tracks and that he’d only be delighted if I did! Now this wasn’t exactly the message I expected and out of the blue a completely new problem arose; what songs to choose? The album will probably (most likely – almost guaranteed) be my album of the year, so picking just 2 tracks of this wonderful album is quite a task. Despite its many beautiful songs, the album is probably not one of those that will make you see life in new and brighter perspective, as most of these sincere and heartfelt lyrics are about love, sex, desire, betrayal, infidelity, needs, painful memories and a little more sex.
I've made my decision and chosen these two tracks (but could easily have picked any of the 14 remaining ones), and as you've probably guessed by now, I can only recommend that you give them listen!
+ Tennessee
+ All The Girls I Lost In The Fires

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Unknown said...

Thanks for posting the tracks you did from "Every Streetcar's Got A Name..." --- I'm v. excited... Hannah (-:0

Now if only I could figure out where to get the album...