January 17, 2008


In its first 24 hours of existence 20 persons have joined the Richard Hawley til Danmark Facebook group. More than I expected, but not nearly enough to make an impact. Yesterday a The Divine Comedy til Danmark Facebook group surfaced as well.

My favorite Irish singer Andrew Boland covers Can't Help Falling In Love (with the subtitle - Drunk, Shit)! His cover version of Bird On The Wire is one of the most popular tracks in the history of this blog and has been downloaded/streamed 1,467 times.
+ Can't Help Falling In Love (Drunk, Shit)
+ Bird On The Wire

On their upcoming Denmark tour The Floor Is Made Of Lava will be supported by the young quartet Kiss Kiss Kiss. This is a very talented and very interesting band, which musically is closely related to TFIMOL.
+ Recorded Smiles

As much I'd love to go, it's probably not a good idea attending the Yoav concert at the end of the month. February 1 will be the first day at my new job, so showing up sober and well-rested could be a good idea!

Music Of The Moment promotes The Pastry Club.

I was quite surprised to find two Counting Crows promo tracks in the mailbox yesterday. Does this mean that even bigger bands (and their management/labels) are beginning to realize that music blogs are in fact an OK way to promote music? Both tracks are from the forthcoming Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings album (out March 25).
+ 1492
+ When I Dream of Michelangelo

The sophomore Pascal album Galgberget will be out on Novoton on January 22, and the first single/promo track Längtar Efter Dig is equally irritating and catchy.
+ Längtar Efter Dig

The new(?) video for the wonderful The Sound Of You by French/UK duo Mono Taxi.


Kristian said...

I'm all for Hawley, but the Divine Comedy group almost makes me wanna join Facebook. They are by far the one band I haven't seen live yet, that I really really want to experience in concert

stytzer said...

Join and support both groups :)