January 31, 2008

Thursday evening shorties...

Today was my last day at the old job and needless to say I'm really excited about what tomorrow will bring. Expect to hear more (good or bad) in a not so distant future.

Rasmus, who is a member of the "Richard Hawley til Danmark" Facebook group, reviews the Richard Hawley concert at Midem. He ends the review by stating the obvious that he hopes Mr. Hawley will soon cross "The Ocean" to play a concert in Denmark!

Swedish pop band Swedish For Beginners has released a promo video for the track Magical Machines. More info on the lovely video can be found at the YouTube page.

+ Magical Machines (It's been confirmed that this is an older version of the song. The song in the video is a re-recorded version produced by Ollie Olson)

Despotz Records
are about to release the self-titled debut album by Swedish artist Kaka (not THAT footballer/soccer player). First single/promo track The Hotspurs (the less we know the faster we go) was to begin with a bit confusing and perhaps even somewhat irritating (has some novelty sound to it), but after a few listens I got used to it and it turned out to be a really fascinating pop song.
+ The Hotspurs (the less we know the faster we go)


Chris said...

I wish you a good start in your new job! Hope it's everything you wish it to be. At least the location's right! ;)

Parklife said...

Good luck today on your new job!

I Am Sparticus said...

If you like these guys you should definetly check out this band comin up out Delaware. They are called Fat Daddy Has Been and I just saw them live for the first time and they killed it. Their new album is amazing so if anyone wants to check them out you can hear it at myspace.com/FatDaddyHasBeen