March 29, 2008

Dies und Das...

Forgot yesterday to recommend the recent Flashback Friday post. I'm old enough to remember when those songs were released, so bear with me!

It's Saturday, so there might be a good chance that some of you are going out dancing tonight? If so, I suggest that you listen to this one by Home Video. Should get your feet started.
+ I Can Make You Feel It

If that one doesn't work, maybe this one by Electric Valentine does?
+ A Night With You

Thanks to J.A. I've received a message from French indie pop band My Raining Stars, who asks me to listen to their songs. All This Time certainly leaves me starving for more!
+ All This Time

And J.A. pulls another fine indie pop band from his sleeve. This time it's the Swedish (of course) six-piece Plain Good.
+ Wasted Things

I've been listening to a few more of those songs I downloaded yesterday. Sadly most of them are just garbage.

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Evianne said...

Awesomely awesome song from Home Video. I definitely feel it.