April 26, 2008


Tonight I’m babysitting three children. Two of them are my own (so that’s not really babysitting I guess) and the third is the son of some friends. So it’s been quite a busy evening so far (my wife is not home – wise move), but soon I expect it to be pretty quite around here.

Then it will be time to check some music, maybe have a beer or two, while I’m following the live update of the match between The Red Wings and The Avalanche.

The special designed webpage supporting the new Oliver North Boy Choir single Weekender has been launched. 3 remixes of older tracks and a new bonus track are free to download.
+ New Folder

I have 955 mails in my inbox, including 93 unread ones!

Perhaps it's just me, but doesn't the lead singer of Passenger sound a lot like Angie Aparo?
+ Do What You Like

Speaking of Mr. Aparo. Over at Myspace he's giving away a few songs for free, including this classic from the wonderful 1999 album The American.
+ Spaceship

Seems like it's mighty popular these days naming your band after the Japanese capital, so here's a Tokyo double from the inbox (should add that both bands sound quite interesting). And isn't there an awful German band named Tokio Hotel as well?
+ Tokyo Police Club - In A Cave
+ Hello Tokyo - Steady The Gun

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