April 25, 2008

Fredags snolder...

Don't know if J.A. somehow felt that his position was threatened following yesterday's post. But last night he sent a lengthy mail with lots and lots of new recommendations. So far I've had no time checking any of them out, but I can see that one of them has already been posted over at Coast Is Clear.

Been listening a few times today to the new album Endnu En by Danish electro pop duo Nordstrøm. It's nice, harmless and as expected it's packed with catchy pop tunes, but highly innovative it certainly isn't.
+ Ro På (found via)

The debut album Youth Novels by Lykke Li has been hyped a lot, but I have only this one word to say about it; Boring. A few bright moments aside, it's really, really boring (oh - that was more than just one word, but you probably get my point?)!
+ Dance Dance Dance

Swedish indie rock band Alibi Tom has mailed me these two really fine tunes. Surprisingly different they are, but they probably both fit in nicely in the britpop category?
+ Fire
+ Botanisten

According to Gaffa, Oliver North Boy Choir will soon be releasing their new single Weekender. I've already had the privilege of listening to it, and trust me - it's absolutely brilliant!

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