April 24, 2008

Staphan O’Bell – Swedish Indie…

The other day I received a mail with the contents “thought I'd recommend something, instead of J.A.”, so it certainly seems like out Spanish friend has build himself quite a reputation! Deservedly so, I should add.
In the mail were links for a few songs by Swedish indie pop artist/singer-/songwriter Staphan O’Bell, which turned out to be really likeable ones, sounding pretty much like Bob Dylan on a musical exchange trip to Gothenburg. Does this description make any sense? If not – imagine a singer-/songwriter playing those catchy indie pop tunes that always seem to find their way out of the Swedish indie pop capital? Was that a better one? No! Then check them out and describe the songs yourself! They are lovely and definitely worth a listen!
+ Just Like Me
+ Fashion Street
+ I'm OK

1 comment:

Kenard said...

So Gooood.
Do you think you could rip his song 'Something True'?
I love that one also!