April 23, 2008

The swan song of Anamia…

As it was announced in November last year, Danish quartet Anamia decided to split up, but at the same time they promised that the band’s final recordings would be published whenever they had been mixed and mastered. Now nearly five months later the songs have finally been finished, posted and are free for all of us to download. I only had time for a few listens last night, but they certainly sounded like they have been worth the wait, as the songs (once again somewhat Mew inspired) follow very nicely in the footsteps of the songs recorded in 2006. Sadly this will (probably - never say never) be the last we'll ever hear from Anamia and thus ends the story of a what I believe had the potential to someday become a fantastic band...now we'll never know...
+ The Silence And The Thoughts
+ I'm Your Matador
+ So Close Now
+ Hard To Realize

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