May 21, 2008

The hopefuls...

Lovely UK indie pop band The Steadies are no more. Sad news really!
+ The Hopefuls

This is already a month old; Pennyblackmusic interviews Northern Portrait.

25 years since the release of You and Me Both and I still have a soft spot for Yazoo. But not soft enough to make me post any of the remixes mailed to me the other day to promote the forthcoming release of the 4-disc box set In Your Room. The remixes are completely useless and are tagged as “spare remixes” by the label. No wonder!

Yesterday when checking out the Vesterbro Festival line-up, I came across Danish quartet Ginger Ninja. This is pop music with a capital P, but very catchy and not without a certain charm.
+ You Can Have It All

Will The Holiday Show ever release an album? I'm probably not the only one awaiting some news on this?
+ Snookerstar

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