June 26, 2008

Dorias Baracca – Danish shoegaze...

Not that many Danish bands are flirting with the shoegaze genre, so happy I was when earlier today I came across Funen based quartet Dorias Baracca. Supposedly the average age of the band members is somewhere in between 16 and 17, so the boys have certainly been paying good attention in their music history classes (or when daddy played his records), as they find inspiration in classic acts like Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Ride and The Jesus and Mary Chain. Formed in 2007 and in their own words the music can be described as “Shoegaze- rock- dreampop- noise- indie- collage sound with screech-, reverb-, atmosphere- and echo-guitars. Crashing and boiling cymbals, floating bass and melodic vocals.” And this is pretty much what it sounds like, when played on the useless speakers of my work computer, though they aren't able to hide that we're dealing with some real talented youngsters here. Especially the grandiose and more than 12 minutes long Not Within Living Memory deserves further listens on some proper equipment.
+ The Only Touch
+ Not Within Living Memory

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