June 25, 2008

Kings of Dark Disco…

Danish trio Kings of Dark Disco was recommended to me during this year’s Vesterbro Festival and I did indeed spend 5 minutes listening to the band, but at the time I found them to be nothing but a waste of time. However one thing is a live performance, so as the open-minded and adventurous person I am, I decided to give their 2007 promo/demo a listen, to see if I somehow had ignored the band’s qualities completely at the concert. So I listened and then what? Well – the band isn’t exactly the biggest revelation or reinventing anything, but their music is a fast paced and catchy mix of house, disco, electro pop, you name it, which should be able to kick start any party. And I’m not reluctant to admit that I most likely would have found the concert a bit more interesting had I known the music beforehand or maybe been a tiny bit more drunk than I actually was at the time.
+ Dark Disco
+ Death Discotheque

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