June 27, 2008

Some indie pop...

The recent album I Used To Wander The Streets by Sweden's Billie the vision and the dancers is now free to download from either the band’s webpage or from Last.fm. This could hardly be timed any better, as this is exactly the irresistible kind of stuff that will convince the sun that it's about time to start shining again. Fittingly the band’s label is called Love Will Pay the Bills, which clearly reveals that the band doesn’t expect this method of release to generate much revenue. They do however accept donations, and this lovely indie pop album is certainly worth a few bucks.
+ Someday, Somehow

I still do receive tons of Myspace friend requests from bands, but rarely find the time to check any of them out these day. But for some unknown reason I decided to give Belgian indie pop quartet Star Club West a listen, and I'm glad I did. The band writes some quite catchy tunes and there are several freebies to grab over at Last.fm, including the band’s two first full-lengthers.
+ We Are Open
+ Karma

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