July 9, 2008

Mixed bag...

How The West Was Won is the title of a brand new track published by Andrew Boland. How can you not love this voice and you should prepare yourself for 6 minutes of grand beauty!!
+ How The West Was Won

The first part of the interesting 80’s cover project REWIND by Buffetlibre is now officially complete. A total of 60 songs are now included and amongst the last two additions was French synth-/electropop act Anoraak covering Talking In Your Sleep. The originally by The Romantics was a major anthem of my teenage years, so quite funny hearing this electronic rendition of it.
+ Talking In Your Sleep (The Romantics Cover)

While One Weekly Gun is away on holiday, his track 12 Million has been remixed by DJ Vonbas. As we all now by now, every song in this project has been written and produced in less than three hours, so it was quite interesting hearing how the end result improved, when more time was available for producing and mixing.
+ 12 Million
+ 12 Million (DJ Vonbas Remix)

US youngster Max Vernon has recorded a jazz inspired cover of the Katy Perry track I Kissed A Girl and spending 3 minutes in his company is certainly a lot more enjoyable experience than listening to the original.
+ I Kissed a Girl

I’ve just received my copy of the A Sketch For Summer CD and it’s truly fabulous packed with "sunshine indie pop". Pick up your free copy in one of these selected CD stores (UK only) or grab a free digital copy. Thanks a million to CatCutter Records for shipping a copy to Denmark!
+ Telegramme - Dance

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