September 15, 2008

Thieves and lust...

Oliver North Boy Choir has recorded a cover of Teenage Lust for The Jesus & Mary Chain Covers Project. Until a few minute ago, I had never heard the original version, but now that I’ve listened to it (watch the video below), I honestly think they’ve done an outstanding job. It’s difficult to explain but somehow Oliver North Boy Choir has been able to remain true to the original and their own sound as well, which normally doesn’t sound like The Jesus & Mary Chain at all. If you understand Danish, you can listen to a nice little interview with the band at
+ Teenage Lust

Yesterday marked the one-year Myspace birthday of excellent Swedish synth-pop duo Ostrich. To celebrate the duo ”put up a new song called "Honour Among Thieves" and it’s a dedication I have written to a couple of my friends”. It is bit slower paced than previous tracks, but the dark, haunting and somewhat Depeche Mode inspired sound remains intact.
+ Honour Among Thieves

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Parklife said...

The ONBC-version is pretty pretty cool! Great band! :-)