September 26, 2008


I’ve always wondered why I find it so difficult to resume blogging, whenever I’ve been away from the blog for more than 48 hours. Wouldn’t it instead be more logic if one were highly motivated and jammed with ideas just waiting to be put on paper? Cannot say which scenario makes the most sense, but yesterday I found myself staring haplessly at the keyboard unable to type anything even remotely worth posting in the blog. Instead I wrote a short post for Bandbase (previously known as, but I’m not sure when/if it will be published (update: it's been published). Not exactly Pulitzer Prize material. Finally, just to build the illusion that this is a kind of thematic post, I thought posting a track containing the word typewriter would be appropriate.
+ Larsen & Furious JaneTourist With A Typewriter

And then – in a (long) blink of an eye, this post will turn into another one of those shorties ones!

Ivan of Oliver North Boy Choir writes that the band will travel to Malmø today to record their next single with Bakers at Dawn. I know I'm a blue-eyed optimist, but I do expect it to be nothing short of fantastic. Meanwhile enjoy this cover of the older Oliver North Boy Choir track Something New by none other than said Bakers at Dawn.
+ Something New

Sophomore album Holiday by Alaska In Winter will be out November 18 and first promo track Berlin suggests quite a musical turnaround. Those Balkan influences can still be heard, but the track is heavily inspired by its title (at least so we're told), so it's far more electronic than anything found on the debut. Good or bad?
+ Berlin

Sweden's Those Dancing Days shares their live cover of Britney Spears' Toxic. It is far more enjoyable than the original (which was about as terrible as music can possibly get).
+ Toxic (Live Britney Spears Cover)

Was just browsing the Labrador webpage when I came across this piece of bad news: "The Radio Dept. album is not finished. Well, this isn't really news, but we get a lot of questions. So... we really don't have a release date for The Radio Dept. album. Sorry! We will however set a release date as soon as they've finished the recordings. And don't worry friends, it's well worth the wait!". Hope so!
+ Freddie and the Trojan horse

Speaking of Labrador. The new single Seconds Away by The Legends is now free to download (via).
+ Seconds Away

I've just pre-ordered the forthcoming Crystal Heights album by Celestial. Have you? October will be busy as hell!
+ Crystal Heights

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