October 31, 2008

Emptying the mailbox (again)...

I really, really think that I've been good at cleaning the mailbox recently. In fact I think it would be fair to say that I've been damn efficient and today the number of mails in the inbox is only one third of what it used to be not too many nights ago. But one can never rest on the laurels, and the daily number of promo mails found in my mailbox equals the number of snotty noses every single child gets each winter. So never a quiet moment, and right now I'm once again busy downloading and listening. Check back later tonight, as something interesting might pop up..?

+ Björn Kleinhenz - At Night We Die
Always a pleasure hearing new stuff from popsmith Mr. Kleinhenz.

+ Fredrik - Black Fur
Lovely folk rock inspired tune by odd named Swedish six-piece.

+ Future Clouds and Radar - The Epcot View
"the eclectic art-pop ensemble"...hmmm...I seriously hate those descriptions. Especially since I cannot figure anyone out myself! But I really like the track, so I guess that will have to do?

+ Juliette Commagere - Overcome
So grandiose that it almost becomes conceited in a Meat Loaf kind of way. Still I'm spellbound.

+ The Pains of Being Pure At Heart - Everything With You
Noise-pop and jangling guitars. And all in the same song...superb!

+ Modern Skirts - Soft Pedals
At first it sounded like another jangling indie pop tune and then it really did not.

+ Paper House - Empty House
Uptempo guitar pop tune of the infectious kind by this Nashville quartet (there's a slight twist of country inspiration).

Tonight has been surprisingly rewarding, as I’ve been listening to far more good than bad stuff. I cannot complaint, though this of course has prevented me from being my usual whining self.

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