October 29, 2008


One Weekly Gun has launched a new webpage.

MP3 Hugger who’s behind Indiecater has begun searching for artists, who wants to be on a Christmas compilation. Found in a Myspace bulletin, so no link I’m afraid. This is definitely something to be looking forward to.

Lots of MP3 bloggers are currently having a real rough time with blogger, who has been taking down posts without warning. So far none of my posts have been removed, but it probably has something to do with me being a sissy and too afraid to post anything without permission?

LaundroMatinee has been added to the blogroll. A new site launched by the folks behind My Old Kentucky Blog.

Volume XII: There'll Be Diamonds by Super XX Man was very close to being another album added to the growing pile of “promo albums I never got around to listen to”. For some unknown reason, I grabbed the album before leaving for work this morning, and during the first three listens the album has been doing nothing but impress me. In case you’re wondering we’re somewhere in the lo-fi, singer-songwriter, acoustic, indie rock genre.
+ Little Leaf
+ Medication

Another album getting a few listens today is the debut album The Worries by Danish post-rockers Mimas. Already out in the UK (getting some really fine press) and to be released in Denmark some time in November. Will (hopefully) get back with more thoughts at some later point.
+ Cats on Fire

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mp3hugger said...

Thanks Stytzer, if anyone is interested in contributing to the christmas album they can get in touch by sending a mail to mp3hugger(at)gmail(dot)com