October 24, 2008


It’s weekend and I’m so much looking forward to one of those rare ones with no drinking and no hangovers to survive. What I’m not looking forward to at all, is that the wife and the commander in chief (my oldest daughter in case you were wondering) most likely will insist on watching the finals of the awful TV-show Talent 2008. So I might just end up drinking after all…you just never know!

Judging from the two promo tracks available, the sophomore album Holiday by Alaska In Winter will be quite a different story compared to the debut. Berlin is an uptempo electronic piece, which I’ve grown more and more into liking, and Knorrepromenade (what a title, though a google search reveals that it could be the name of a Berlin street/road?) is quite electronic as well, though it does indicate that all Balkan influences haven’t been abandoned completely.
+ Berlin
+ Knorrepromenade

Danish singer-/songwriter Jacob Faurholt has finished recording his new album Are You In The Mood For Love? which is set to be released sometime early next year. It will include 10 tracks that are described as 9 dark ballads plus a rancid one with a hint of country. Cannot say that I’m familiar at all with the previous work of Mr. Faurholt, but this definitely calls for further scrutiny.
+ Our old neighbourhood

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