November 26, 2008


Didn’t quite keep my promise yesterday, as no more updates were posted. Instead I finally finished an Støj På Frekvensen post. That was the first of its kind for nearly 3 months.

The Majorian EP is now streamable at Myspace. Well-produced, beautiful and atmospheric are among the first words to jump to mind.

Emerald Park is giving away the title track of the For Tomorrow album for free over at Myspace. Or at least so they say. And no - I’m not implying that they are lying or anything, but Myspace continues playing tricks on me, so no songs are downloadable for me, even though the artists say otherwise. But I’ve been given permission to post the track instead, and since it’s arguably the best one off the album, I’m absolutely delighted to be able to share it with you.
+ For Tomorrow

As mentioned last week, Spejderrobot unsuccessfully tried to give away a remix of the Mercury Rev track Butterfly’s Wing. Apparently they grew tired of the “no-service” policy of Myspace and found somewhere else to host the remix.
+ Butterfly's Wing (Spejderrobot remix)


Anonymous said...

Emerald Park's song "For tomorrow" is now also available on, Reverbnation and at afmusic's releasepage for free ;)

Anonymous said...

Awesome CD! Every song's as good as the next! One of my year's favorite CD. Thanks !

Tim Young said...

Hi Stytzer - I've been trying to get in touch with you but my emails keep getting bounced .. could you try and email me?

Cheers - TIm from the contrast

Tobias Borelius said...

It should work...
I've doublechecked the settings and "For Tomorrow" were and is allowed to download.
Does it work now?