November 5, 2008

This, that and a whole lot more...

The US election is finally over and since this is not a political blog, I really ought to refrain from posting a comment on the outcome. However I find it rather difficult not to, though all I’m going to say is that (in my smalle part of the world) the light at the end of tunnel is shining more brightly than it did the day before yesterday.

One Weekly Gun was worried if the racial issue would end up being the deciding factor of the election. Luckily it turned out not to be.
+ God Bless the Dubious

Received a mail yesterday promoting the new album Revolutions by UK electro act Melnyk. Found the attached promo track rather monotonous and boring, so really no point in spending more time on that one. However in the same mail was a download link for Melnyk’s remix of the Division Kent track In The Headlights (from the album Gravity). And this is a master example of what a remix should be like, as Melnyk has done wonders and turned a fairly good track into a uptempo, catchy and absolutely contagious one.
+ In The Headlights (Melnyk Is Behind The Wheel Remix)
+ In The Headlights (original album version)

Feel like doing a remix and being part of competition? At (in Danish only I’m afraid) you can download the stems for I Walk Proud by Laid Back and read more about the competition as well.

Danish indie/alternative rock band Ciao Transizta has finished recording their new demo EP Murder by the Lefthanded Harlekin. It's available as a free download at I first mentioned the band in December 2006 and just like back then it does take some time getting into these new songs. But I expect it to be quite rewarding, once I get passed the first hurdle.
+ Go On Call The Mayor

Hari and Aino as well as Play People will soon be releasing 7" singles on Cloudberry Records. The A-sides are free to download, and both them are glorious pop tunes.
+ Hari and Aino - A Considerate Kind Of Home
+ Play People - Goes Out

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