December 5, 2008

Entakt/Jonas Breum...

Some thoughts on the Entakt/Jonas Breum concert last night (photo is used without any permission whatsoever).

Don’t know exactly what I expected, but probably that a little more than 50 people would be attending. Especially with a venue so close to Copenhagen and a location right next to the Metro.

Warm-up Jonas Breum showed the witty side of himself as well as delivering a charming acoustic set. Some of you are probably familiar with the debut album Det Perfekte Spild Af Tid released earlier this year and it being quite an electronic production. So excellent to hear that the songs easily hold their own when performed in stripped down versions. He played a few new songs as well, but I was surprised that he opted to include several songs by his long-ago disbanded group Coolsville. And judging from the gossip I heard afterwards, we should expect the second release from Breumm to be more of a rock/guitar driven album. He clearly showed last night that this is where his heart belongs!

The past 18 months I’ve been going on and on about how I much I've wanted to see an Entakt concert. So obviously expectations were sky high last night, but the band certainly didn’t let me down (or anyone else for that matter). The band gave a simply brilliant performance, where it quickly became rather obvious to anyone, that the band sees itself as a rock rather than a pop band. As I feared a few favorites were missing (sadly including Mandagens Vægt, Den Blinde Vinkel, Intet Rør´mig Nu (ctrl+alt+del)), and only one song from the band’s two full length demos found its way into the set. But you cannot really blame the band for trying to promote their new album På Bagsiden Af Europa, and the opening message was that they hoped that a few people would buy the album after the show. Especially since “no one else has”. And I did indeed buy a copy (signed by Jonas) for my daughter and a few others secured themselves signed copies as well. Hopefully the band will carry on despite the lack of recognition the band is getting from radio, audience and record buyers. Symbolically manifested through this quote by Jonas when he introduced Kunsten At Slippe Taget. “We’d like to play a hit, which never was a hit”. So you can say that neither the band nor I understand why this song didn’t become just that, as it was one of my favorite tracks of last year. Still this didn’t ruin the night and summed up this was probably my concert highlight of the year. And one can only feel so sorry for all of those, who decided to stay at home and missed out on this great one!
+ Kunsten At Slippe Taget

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