December 22, 2008


Only two days left, but there’s still one Christmas song left in the pipeline. It’s this excellent one by talented Copenhagen indie pop/rock quartet Passtime Poets named A Murder Yuletide.
+ A Murder Yuletide

In A Cyclone of Stones reports that Oliver North Boy Choir has been busy recording their next single (they are always busy recording singles - aren't they?). To ease the wait, the trio is giving away a song for free named Ventil, which was recorded years ago, while they were still known as pierre.
+ Ventil

The debut album Aboa Sleeping by Finnish duo Burning Hearts will be out February 10 next year on Shelflife Records. The album contains 9 wonderful tracks imported directly from the indie pop heaven, thus helping to keep the labels streak of fantastic releases alive. The album in its entirety can be streamed from
+ I Lost My Colour Vision
+ Sea Birds

One Weekly Gun
has now officially published his excellent One Xmas Song.
+ One Xmas Song

Now there’s a Christmas present I could easily live without. Indie MP3 has decided to throw in the towel and has ceased to exist. Always sad when one of the best music blogs out there decides to call it quits, and it will be sorely missed.


Tom said...

Thanks for the kind words mate.

Anonymous said...

The Guggenheim Grotto 'Fee Da Da Dee' is my favourite song of 2008. Lovely song, very good album. Thanks for your excellent blog this year!