January 2, 2009

Here we go again...

Back again from a lovely 5 day-trip to The West Cost, but a new year has arrived since we left (in case you haven't noticed), so it’s time to look ahead. I sure am no fan of New Year’s resolutions, but I’ll risk my neck nonetheless and promise this:
- I’ll continue blogging (some of you might think of this as a thread?)
- I’ll continue posting stuff you’ve never heard of and that you’ll never hear of again
- I won’t re-design the blog (I wouldn’t know how to do it)
- I won’t move to another host (unless blogger collapses)
- I’ll continue to read less than half the emails I receive (but please continue mailing them anyway)
- At least once this year I’ll consider switching from writing in English to writing in Danish


Anonymous said...

You forgot your best songs and albums 2008???

Parklife said...

m waiting for those too!
Although I haven't published my favourites either... ;-)

Chris said...

yeah, you lazy guys... go ahead! :D

stytzer said...

I'm also waiting for that post...wonder if it'll ever be posted?

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