March 10, 2009


Re-post - Promo track added! The Blueflowers debut album Watercolor Ghost Town was released this Saturday (buy), and even though I received my copy a while back, I hadn’t really listened to it. But today I pulled my act together and showed more initiative than almost ever before, when I ripped the album onto my computer at work, so I can give more thorough listens. Don’t expect this sudden energy level to sustain, but nice for at change to actually getting something done and feeling that things are progressing. As some of you probably know already, The Blueflowers is a fairly new constellation featuring Kate and Tony of now split up Detroit shoegazers Ether Aura. And when you listen to the album it makes perfect sense that the duo decided that a change was needed, at they are heading in a new musical direction. The songwriting skills remain intact, so nothing to fear on this front, but the dreamy shoegazing sounds have been put to rest for now, and alt-country/americana influences seem to be the new black. I know I really shouldn’t complain about this switch, as my first impression of Watercolor Ghost Town is that we’re dealing with an excellent album, but I know parts of me will forever hope that Ether Aura (or as a minimum, their sound in whatever band constellation possible) will return some day. No promo MP3’s are (yet?) available, but I will soon start lobbying for permission to post a sample of the album.
+ Watercolor Ghost Town

Danish blog Emodreng & Indiepige was back up and running earlier today following a lengthy hiatus, but all I get right now is an error message? Update: It's back again!

Danish trio Us With Millions has announced that they will be playing at Rust in Copenhagen on March 19 and I can only recommend that you go and see them! The band has finished recording their debut album and is currently working on the business side of things (release, distribution etc.). A “take a look inside the studio” video has been posted at

The website of excellent UK duo The Papertiger Sound has been beautifully redesigned. Words on new music would be welcomed, but on this topic the band is awfully quiet. So check out some of the glorious older stuff instead, which the band generously is giving away for free.
+ Magnetic North
+ Coast is Clear

One Weekly Gun continues producing new songs. And last year’s song about Heath Ledger has for obvious reasons been reposted.
+ Heath Ledger
+ People on Drugs can say the Craziest Things


pplist said...

Sad news about Ether Aura; I'll cherish what we have all the more and always appreciate your introducing me to their music.

Parklife said...

The Blueflowers-song is pretty cool but I surely wish the Ether Aura-sound will return someday.

stytzer said...

Me too - let's root hard enough and perhaps some day?