April 20, 2009

Some of this and some of that...

Know I sort of promised to do a little blogging Saturday evening, but my head simply wasn’t in it. So I decided to watch an episode of Midsomer Murders instead. Call it my guilty pleasure if you like, but I’m a sucker for British whodunnits. Whether it be Morse, Lewis, Miss Marple, Taggart, Barnaby or Peter Boyd doesn’t really matter. As long as the scripts and plots are fairly well-written/-constructed and they get the bad guys in the end, I’m pretty much content.

Need to get this off my chest. I doesn’t matter how much I listen to it, but, no matter what the press says, Kingdom of Rust simply isn’t a very good album. Cannot say how sad I am to write this, but no point in pretending anything but. Hopefully it will help once I get the physical copy and am able to listen to it on the stereo. But the 10 times I’ve listened to it through the speakers on the computer it simply hasn’t impressive me at all.

The debut album You’re In The Painting You Saw by Lily Electric, which was released to rave reviews in Denmark last year, has finally been released internationally by the band’s label Pony Rec. A reminder to self; I need to listen to it again. Epic Love Travels Far is a great pick as promo track off the album.
+ Love Travels Far

I asked this at Twitter the other day, but thought I’d do it here as well. Should one feel sorry for the Pirate Bay dudes? With my recent rage against IFPI in mind, one could suspect that they would have my support and deepest sympathy. But in my opinion those are the bad guys (watch your back boys; Miss Marple is on your trail) and very much deserve to be caught and punished, as they are causing lethal damage to the music industry.


Dennis said...

It's a difficult matter, that whole Pirate Bay thing. As you say, they're causing damage to the music industry. Are they damaging the music itself? Or just the industry? Because 'the industry' represents everything that's wrong about music nowadays. At least, I strongly feel that way. All the loveliest and most interesting music will find its way to us anyway. I know I'm probably naive and also may not represent a lot of people with my particular taste in music, but there's way too much 'industry'.

Which is not saying that I agree with or support what The Pirate Bay is doing.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Quite fresh, Lily Electric! I liked them!

stytzer said...

Probably should be more exact - but "industry" to me means everyone involved in making music. That includes small labels, artists etc. Especially the small players have my sympathy as the often are very flexible, give freebies etc. But their music is still being downloaded for free and unlike the big companies (and their shareholders), they are often run by a few people, who really need (and deserve) all the income they can get. Without those indie music dies.