June 23, 2009


I’ve been told before that I’m pretty good at stirring up rumors, but this is no such attempt. But when I came across this poster (check the picture) for the Crunchy Frog 15 year anniversary party, I couldn’t help asking if this spells the end of EPO-555? “Afskedskoncert” translates to “farewell concert”, so it’s hardly a rushed conclusion, is it? Obviously the EPO-555 fan in me hopes that this is not the case and that the band will continue to make music; perhaps in a similar fashion as (now disbanded) label mates Oliver North Boy Choir, who never played live and only released music digitally. Anyway I’m seriously thinking of attending this event, as this (apparently) will be my final chance to ever catch EPO-555 live. But as always I need to check my calendar first for any domestic duties!
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Otherwise great Danish magazine Gaffa reviews and completely rips the Plushgun debut Pins & Panzer to pieces. So to find out where I went wrong (as I recall quite liking it), I’ve been giving the album a few listens today and I happily admits that neither does the album bring anything new to the table nor is Plushgun the second coming of anyone or anything. But I still find the catchy tunes and the album as a whole quite enjoyable, and would have no problem rating it 3 (perhaps even 4) stars out of 6. So what exactly pisses the reviewer off so much that he ends up giving it one lonely star out of the 6 available is rather impossible to tell (the album just seems to annoy him big time)! But perhaps it’s not such a fantastic idea to write a review before you’ve had your morning coffee?
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