June 24, 2009


Not much time today, so this will be a short one.

Have just bought the WHT solo album from VETO front man Troels Abrahamsen. Will get back with a few thoughts, whenever I’ve found the time to give it some decent listens.
+ End Scene

Italian DIY label We Were Never Being Boring Collective kicks off by releasing a 3” CD single containing 4 different cover versions of the Wavves track So Bored by four different artists. And the song does get treated in 4 quite varied, but highly entertaining, ways, as the versions range from the acoustic gorgeousness created by Le Man Avec Les Lunettes, via the inferno produced by Death In Donut Plains, over the atmospheric beauty by His Clancyness to the almost unrecognizable 47 seconds long electronic craziness of Dj Minaccia. The CD is a 30 copies limited edition, so hurry up if you want a copy. Or do as I did yesterday; download it for free from the label’s webpage.
+ Le Man Avec Les LunettesSo Bored (Wavves cover)

Two days ago I mentioned that Sleep Party People had been signed by Speed of Sound, and I have since recieved permission to post a track from the album. According to the Myspace page the album is finished and will be called I’m The Little Bunnyman. No official release date has yet been announced (if so, I cannot find any), so for now enjoy I’m Not A Human At All as an appetizer, which hopefully will make you drool for more?
+ I’m Not Human At All

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