August 4, 2009

The pains of a northern riot (part II)...

Following up on yesterday’s post.

So far I’ve only been able to find two reviews of the concert. One by Soundvenue and one by Undertoner. Both reviewers are fairly positive and rate the concert 5 and 4 stars respectively. Unfortunately, only Undertoner thinks it’s worth mentioning the opening acts, but only waste two lines on that, which I doubt will excite either band?

has written her thoughts on the concert and has posted a few pictures as well (click the photo to see more). Her fine blog (love exists) has been added to the blog roll.

Another Danish blog On The Brightside has posted a few nice pictures, but the words are sparse.

Champagne Riot sort of verifies the speculations I posted yesterday, whether or not the one-man project has been put in the grave. The band has a new Myspace page and only new tracks are being streamed. The forthcoming single will be called A Friend of A Friend, so the title I suggested was a bit too extensive.

Indie MP3 interviews Stefan of Northern Portrait. Notice how he answers the question about the album in a fashion that would make any politician proud (revealing absolutely nothing).

According to, Northern Portrait will be playing at Prinzenbar in Hamburg on October 2, but the concert has yet to be listed at the band’s Myspace.

Was introduced to fellow blogger Rikke (author of blaa vinyl) at the concert, but our chat was cut short by The Pains of Being Pure at Heart hitting the stage. Hopefully we'll be able to continue our talk some other time?


Danielle said...

theres also: who thinks the warmup was complete and utter crap.

you can play as many international indiepop festivals you like, when the verdict from your hometown is "sounds like the smiths. not interested." its just depressing.

(and im not even gonna get into the whole discussion about them sounding like the smiths. its just getting old.)

Rikke said...

of course :)