August 22, 2009

Saturday evening...

This has a somewhat familiar ring to it I guess? Wife’s out, the kids are sleeping and I’ve just found a cold beer in the fridge. So time to hear some music, read plenty of mails and check a few blogs.

Just found a mail from Song, by Toad Records telling about the release of the Meursault EP Nothing Broke. Released in April, so hardly news anymore, but since this is my blog, who’s there to stop me from mentioning anything that’s new to me? The acoustic EP is said to be “a little on the morose side”, but we all like being a little miserable from time to time. Don’t we? No matter what; promo (and title) track Nothing Broke is an absolute beauty!
+ Nothing Broke

Chris doesn’t seem to think all that highly of Britney Spears and I find it real difficult to blame him. But why does he hate tigers so much that he wants them to meet her (I doubt very much that they'd even bother having her for dinner)?

Note to self. Need to listen more to Brooklyn band The Library! If you want to beat me to it, the band's 7 track debut album The Life and Times of Rosa Lee is a free download.
+ TomKat
+ The Life and Times of Rosa Lee

Chromewaves has once again cost me a few quid. This time I was somehow convinced that the only proper decision would be to order the debut album xx by UK quartet The xx.
+ Basic Space

Hmmm. Most of the music I've downloaded today has been not just good, but real quality stuff. That's quite nice for a change. But great songs often get extensive listens, which then detracts your attention from potential thing to feature in a post. (Probably my backward way of saying that today's post is a lot shorter than I hoped it would be, thanks to the fine things I've come across.)

New Aerial single All Refrain is the next in line of great things tonight. It's catchy, haunting and a little bit noisy, which to me is a close to perfect combination. From the band's third album Put it this way in headlines that will be out on Nomethod Records some time this fall.
+ All Refrain

That was it I'm afraid. Have a great Sunday!

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Chris said...

well... I guess a hungry tiger would put aside his pride and do this world a favour. I'd even sponsor him a nice, rare T-Bone-steak afterwards! :D