August 6, 2009


Sort of cleaning out the cupboard.

Copenhagen night club and venue Culture Box plans to celebrate its reopening this weekend by throwing a massive party. In detailed information on what will happen this weekend can be found at the official website.

Kashmir mechandise I can easily live without!

Saw a docu last night on Swedish TV about the movie Elegy. The information alone that the Jens Lekman track I'm Leaving You Because I Don't Love You is featured in the movie really, really made want to go see it! Of course you already know that the song can be found on the absolutely wonderful Night Falls Over Kortedala album where you can find these two lovelies as well.
+ Friday Night at the Drive-In Bingo
+ The Opposite of Hallelujah

I seriously need better news feeds, as the super-essential information that Camera Obscura will be playing at Loppen in Copenhagen on September 30 had completely slipped my attention. Tickets have now been bought!
+ My Maudlin Career

I was pretty impressed by Danish girl trio Giana Factory at this year’s Start! Festival and via Soundvenue comes the news that the band plans to release their debut EP in October. As a small appetizer I suggest you download the three demos available from Lead singer Loui Foo is the sister of Sharin Foo of The Raveonettes in case her last name has a familiar ring to it.
+ Trippin

Speaking of The Raveonettes. First song from the duo’s forthcoming album In & Out of Control has now been debuted (the term used in the promo mail). Pretty close to brilliant, but who came up with the bizarre idea of naming a catchy and cheerful tune like this Suicide?
+ Suicide

Some of you can probably not stomach any more news on Northern Portrait, but I simply “have” to pass on the information that “the album is basically ready now”. Preview track New Favorite Moment is now streaming at the Matinée Recordings sounds page as well as their Myspace site.

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