October 2, 2009

Played like a record...

The Camera Obscura concert Wednesday evening was lovely. Of course it was. How could it not be, even though one reviewer thought it was yawningly boring? But I (and since this is my blog and my life, my opinion is what matters the most around here) did enjoy the evening thoroughly, which, some great music aside, also included the chance to finally say hello to a few people as well as spending some hard-earned cash on a t-shirt plus the Underachievers Please Try Harder album. I even took a few pictures, but the quality of the snapshots is the lowest of low, so I doubt very much that one or more will end up here.

Anyone remember Le Chevre, which I featured a few years back? The electro pop one-man project of Crispin Glover look-a-like Michael Barksdale? Probably not! But to refresh your (and my) memory, an 8 track self-titled EP/album was released (apparently as far back as) in 2004, which included some rather infectious stuff. So today’s good news (to me at least) out of Myspace is that Le Chevre is still alive and that a new EP is being recorded (a few new tracks can be streamed). If your memory needs to be refreshed further, do check out the three Last.fm freebies below.
+ Everything Reminds Me
+ The Woods Never Ended
+ Played Like A Record


Danielle said...

and again, you managed to sneak out before i had a chance to say hello.

by the way, i did run away to hamburg on Friday. i didn't regret it: http://northernportrait.blogspot.com/2009/10/hamburg-w-tvps.html

stytzer said...

I didn't exactly sneak out. I even had time to buy a t-shirt and a CD :)

Jealous about that Hamburg trip!!

Now you tell them to finish that album...pleeeeeeeease...?