October 28, 2009


I've promised myself that I will not start whining or complaining about small insignificant things in today's post. Though I do suspect that blogging will be less interesting that way, as words just seem to come more easily to you, when you're pissed off. Luckily my computer is a reliable ally and does it's best to prevent me from keeping my promise, as it is unusual slow today. I mean it normally operates at a pace which wouldn't even impress a snail, but somehow it has found a way to be even slower today. This actually impresses me quite a lot, as something this slow would normally accept its destiny and simply roll over and die! But from time to time it does show signs of life and allow me to type a few words, so maybe (or maybe not) I'll be able to add to this...

J.A. just mailed a reminder that the new Bodebrixen album is free to download from the band's webpage. Thank you and shame on me for forgetting! The bitrate is a measly 128, but should be plenty to convince you whether or not the album is worth buying! So far it has been downloading for half an hour, so things really are slow around here today!
+ Keychain

And whenever things get back to normal, I'm definitely going to download the rest of the Hold It Close album by Canadian electro pop artist Digits. Just to find out if the rest can possibly be as fine as these two promo tracks!
+ Monster
+ Nonstop

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Oats said...

There are times when it seems that everything that could go wrong does, and I think anyone in that situation deserves to complain. What ever you do, don't stop sharing all the cool new music. :) Great to see some Canadians on here too.