November 11, 2009

A Champagne update...

When Champagne Riot transformed into a duo earlier this year, it also marked the beginning of what was ambitiously defined as the making of “the perfect pop project”. The EP Paris and I, which was released by Shelflife Records last year, was basically a solo project by frontman Caspar Bock, but still gave plenty of indications that the ambition could be more than just some gimmick, as the electro pop dominated EP consisted of 6 rather catchy tunes. A few live dates aside, things had been somewhat quiet since their formation as a duo, though I did notice that the combo was a trio for a short while, but yesterday a first batch of demo recordings was finally publish, thus giving us the much welcomed chance to evaluate the development of the project. Not surprisingly it was easy to conclude that there is still plenty of work left, before the label “perfect” will be attached to the project. But at the same time it’s equally unsurprising that all three tracks are catchy and enjoyable pop tunes bringing back fond memories of the likes of Pet Shop Boys, The Lightning Seeds etc. Especially the infectious The Champagne Anthem, which I've been given the go ahead to share, sounds like something Pet Shop Boys might have come up with, had they been inspired by a track such as Losing Haringey. What will happen next has yet to be revealed (and to be quite frank I completely forgot to ask), but hopefully they'll soon be picked up by a label, as I don't imagine there will be another Shelflife release? Signed or not! I'm already looking forward to the next bunch of songs.
+ The Champagne Anthem

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