December 11, 2009

A bag of warm chestnuts...

Wednesday I had to attend a meeting in Copenhagen and though I’m happy to no longer be working in our Capital city, I did enjoy the 1 hour train ride. Moments where I can sit quietly doing absolutely nothing without having a bad conscience are rare, so naturally I embraced this opportunity with enthusiasm. Decided to spend most of the time on the train listening to the much talked-about debut album by The xx and although previous listens have revealed that it is a fine release, it wasn’t until this point I understood how truly great it really is. Inspired by this revelation I immediately decided to buy tickets for the band’s concert at Vega, Copenhagen on January 15, which lead to a rather huge (and positive) surprise, when I saw that it had been moved from the small stage to the larger one (thus tripling the capacity), and with only a few tickets left! So while I was sleeping the hype apparently reached Denmark as well? But tickets have now been secured and I do expect that this will be the perfect way to kick off 2010.
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When The William Blakes frontman Kristian Leth announced earlier this year that he was teaming up with Danish singer Morten Remar, I approached the news with some skepticism, as I haven’t been all that interested in the doings of mr. Remar’s since he released the Som De Andre Gør single in 1987 as part of the duo Back To Back. Yesterday a video for the constellation’s first single Lige nu og her was uploaded, and despite the single being released as far back as June (available via iTunes), yesterday was the first time I actually bothered checking the song out. To be honest, I cannot stress how glad I am I did! This is straightforward pop music and I see no point in pretending anything but, which probably means that it's something you’ll get tired of after some time! But at the same time I’ve been struggling to recall the last time (if ever) I heard a song that I was able to hum following the first listen (meaning that it’s catchy beyond belief) and then (after the second run) beg my wife to give a listen. And now I’m asking (begging if you like) the rest of you to listen to it as well! For the curious, a debut album should be out on Speed of Sound some time next year.

Speaking of Speed of Sound. Seems like the self-titled debut album by Sleep Party People will be out on said label on January 25. That's really great news!
+ I'm Not Human At All

Paul Rijnders of Anything Box shares a reproduced version of his old track Wonderful at Soundcloud. Good stuff!
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