December 18, 2009

Cleaning out the mailbox...

The project "getting to know some new artists" started Wednesday will continue today. Words will be few, but hopefully the music will speak for itself (I'll try not to post anything too bad). Crossing my fingers and hoping that one (or maybe even two) new favorites will be discovered!

+ The Shape of the Earth - Alone In This
+ The Shape of the Earth - Separate Lives
Folk rock trio (though they claim to be an indie rock band) from Southern California. Excellent no matter the label attached!

+ Barzin - Look What Love Has Turned Us Into
Until this moment I wasn't familiar with the term slowcore, but apparently this is the best way to describe the music of Barzin?

+ Oranger - Brother Brother
Nice one from Eenie Meenie Records 10 Year Anniversary compilation.

+ Mark Mallman and The Varsity New Years 2009 Crew - Friday I'm In Love (The Cure cover)
Still no fan of cover versions, but since I do like The Cure (and Friday's) I guess why not post this one?

...more in the pipeline...but I'm afraid you'll have to wait until Monday for further updates...


Oats said...

Four new favourites: Oranger, both Shape of the Earth songs and the Inu song from the current favourites list. I kinda liked the Barzin but then decided it was a bit too slow for me, but I'm glad to see another Canadian on here. This was your best posting in months. :) Merry Christmas.

stytzer said...

The best in months! YAY! :) Perhaps the title should have been "Cleaning out the mailbox - the comeback post"? ;-) Thanks for reading and for commenting. And A Merry Christmas to you too!

Anonymous said...

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