January 22, 2010


Stuff is piling up again!

My conscience is black. I promised to write a few words on the Sleep Party People debut album, but won’t be able to do so, before it’s released on Monday. Shame on me! Will try to make amends next week!
+ I’m Not Human At All

Scottish trio AirSpiel shares a brand new recording named Freerider. A really nice anthemic indie rock track and the first taste of things to come, as the band is preparing a single release in March.
+ Freerider

So far the new album Vexations by Get Well Soon has failed to impress me. But I'm certainly going to give it plenty of chances to win me over, before the band's concert at Loppen on March 23.
+ 5 Steps / 7 Swords

Tower of Foil shares the track Driving North from the band’s forthcoming debut album of the same name. Lovely stuff as always and great that the band will finally be releasing an album!
+ Driving North

Music bloggers everywhere have joined forces (or at least so it seems) and made up their minds that Swedish duo, with the close to ungoogleable name, jj is the next big thing. Personally I'm still trying to figure out exactly why!
+ Let Go

Chris writes about a new alliance he nicknames “A Champagne Portrait”. Think I'd prefer “A Northern Riot”, but I definitely share his excitement!

Chromewaves gives us the lowdown on the much anticipated third album from The Radio Dept.

Chief of the Tribe by Blue Swan is currently topping the “most played track” chart at BandBase.dk. The track was originally published in August 2008, so where did this sudden increase in popularity come from?
+ Chief of the Tribe

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Larry F. said...

The Tower of Foil song reminds me of something Let's Active with Mitch Easter would have recorded.
Excellent tune!