February 17, 2010


Blogger has been busy deleting music blogs and the debate rages on. Cannot say I’m a huge fan of these actions, but there are indeed some blogs that deserve all the shit they are (and hopefully will be) getting!

Tetris = Therapy has finished recording their debut album Acquaintances and two preview tracks are free to download. The band is still working on the artwork and more importantly on how to release the album. Be it digitally or on CD, I’m definitely in for a copy!
+ Seasick
+ A Lack of Concentration

This is old news already, but since Sunday the excellent For Tomorrow album by Emerald Park has been available as a free download via bandcamp as well as from webpage of the band’s new label 23 Seconds. Labeled "2010 edition" as two extra tracks has been added compared to the original 2008 release.
+ For Tomorrow

While we’re talking about free downloads, don’t forget to grab the Winter EP by Norway’s Remington Super 60. Sweet and lovely, though shorter than anything I can recall ever hearing before, as the 5 tracks last for whopping 8 minutes and 39 seconds.
+ Old Man

In case you didn't notice, this track by Iiris Viljanen was added to the Copenhagen Popfest post yesterday.
+ Bloodline Together

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