March 26, 2010

Friday night blogging...

Another one of those posts that should look vastly familiar to regulars. Wife’s out with the girls sipping Strawberry Daiquiris and the kids are watching TV (and before long they’ll be sleeping), so time to read mails, check a few blogs, scan twitter, hear some music and maybe even have a beer. Plus post a few bits and pieces of course!

Easter is soon upon us, so blog post entries will be irregular for the next couple of weeks. Btw. This has to be one of the best songs with “Easter” in the title.

, who used to be in the now split up Velour, has formed a new band named The New Investors. Describing their music as “chamber, disco-pop”, and though the first batch of demos don’t quite have that immediate charm that used to be the Velour trademark, they nonetheless bode really well for the future.
+ The New Investors I’ve Been Seduced
+ VelourIf You Really Want Me

The new single This is the Day by Sweden’s The Fine Arts Showcase is a pretty nice up-tempo pop rock piece, but pales compared to the 2006 single Chemical Girl.
+ This Is The Day

Note to self...Time to pre-order Clinging to a Scheme!
+ Heaven's on fire

zzzzz...not much happening really...

I quite like this one. I’m far too tired to care about descriptions now, but folk rock is probably the best one. Whatever! Just check it out!
+ Chris Pureka - Wrecking Ball

I so fucking miss JJ72! So many, many, many reasons why!

I've just updated the Ruined by Martin vs. tung_nem post.

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