April 15, 2010


I’m still in the midst of the process of recovering from Sunday’s marathon challenge. The muscles remain a bit sore, but are feeling better by the day. A cold is threatening to come, but that’s probably a quite natural reaction? However one thing that is not getting any better is my left knee. In fact it made the race a rather painful experience, as it started hurting at 10 kilometers (6 miles) and at 17 kilometers (10.5 miles) it felt real bad. Actually it was so painful that I would definitely have stopped at 25 km had I been running in Copenhagen and not in Paris. So even though my finishing time ended up being more than 5 minutes better than the one I registered at my first marathon 13 years ago, I still cannot help being somewhat disappointed. But going to see a physio tomorrow, and once (not if – once) the fucking knee is feeling all right again, I’ll start planning my next marathon; because this is without doubt something I feel like doing again!

But otherwise it's the same old story. News, mails, stuff in general are piling up. Hopefully I'll be back posting tomorrow or no later than Monday!

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