May 14, 2010


What has been a really great day started in the perhaps best possible way, when I found epic new track Gold by The Boombox Hearts in the mailbox this morning. Completely new to me it wasn’t, as I had heard it once before, when they played their debut concert at Copenhagen Popfest (pic), and I do remember thinking back then; “wow this is great”. And having heard the studio version I’m still thinking exactly the same, though using something more superlative than “great” is tempting. I’m having some difficulties catching the lyrics, but according to the band the song is a wee bit sad and dominated as it is by the twang guitar sound (reminiscing Chris Isaak) as well as getting support from a beautiful cello, it does indeed have a melancholic feel to it. Gold is the first appetizer from a 5-track EP that is said to be in the making and which hopefully will be out some time later this year.
+ Gold

Sweden's Irene shares a brand new demo track named The Catcher in the Rye. Found via the twitter account of Acid House Kings, so cannot really tell if it's a sign of more things to come! Hmmm - more information (in Swedish) and download link can be found here.

New Danish management & booking agency (and blog) Catching Paper Planes talks to Entakt frontman Jonas Villumsen about his new solo project as well as the future of the band. And quite a few other things as well!
+ Kunsten At Slippe Taget

Check out lovely new single Jimmy Had a Polaroid by Math and Physics Club. Taken from the forthcoming album I Shouldn’t Look As Good As I Do, which is now available for preordering from the Matinée shop.
+ Jimmy Had a Polaroid

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alpo said...

Epic indeed! That Boombox Hearts song is one long minor chord, love it, thanx for digging it up and letting us in on something special.