July 21, 2010

Hits in the car...?

Found this update on Scottish duo Strawberry Whiplash over at the Matinée Recordings news page: “The band is currently working on songs for that all-important debut album which may or may not be called ‘Hits In The Car’ when it finally sees release.” I obviously know that the naming of the album will have absolutely no connection to a blog run by yours truly, but I still cannot help thinking that it would be awesomely cool!
+ Picture Perfect

The wonderful Under Your Skin by Danish indie popsters Forgotten Fields On Fire is BandBase track of the day (today). Check out the duo’s banner, which is a rather colorful version of one of my favorite paintings!
+ Under Your Skin

We probably all know what it’s like stumbling upon an old song and then spend the rest of the day listening to it ten times (at least) as well as speculating, how come you haven’t listened to it for ages? Exactly what happened earlier today, when I came across this Beirut “classic”.
+ Postcards From Italy

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Anonymous said...

Toss up between that and Meat Switchblade, then?