August 30, 2010

Aching and tired...

Today is not a good day. Despite visiting (and getting treatment) the chiropractor 4 times the past 8 days, my back is still in a lot of pain. It is of course getting better, but at a frustratingly slow pace and I’m seriously afraid that it will take quite a while before I’m back to “normal”. And being out with the boys Saturday night and having far too much to drink and far too little sleep, hasn’t done me any good either.

Oh well. After all this blog is supposed to be about music, so I suggest we switch our focus to that topic instead. Doubt that anyone will mind?

Sweden’s Bedroom Eyes released their debut album The Long Wait Champion last week. As expected the album is full of nice pop songs, but since 7 of the tracks were included on the first two EP’s, there’s not all that much new to discover here.
+ Motorcycle Daydream

Speaking of lovely pop music; The Comeback EP by Germans Brideshead will be out on Shelflife Records on September 14.
+ The World Stopped Turning

The 13 minute and 22 seconds long The First of Many Dreams about Monsters is a new and free to download track by Oxford band Spring Offensive. The concept is definitely interesting, but not really sure if it will ever win me over.

I was both pleased and surprised to hear this one on national radio yesterday afternoon.

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miss scarlet said...

Sorry for your backpain sucks. Yoga helps...
Anyway, good song form the smiths of my favorites!

take care :)

miss scarlet