August 13, 2010

From the mailbox...

It’s cluttered. Words will be few. Really, really few (I’ve never been any good at multitasking, so listening and writing at the same is not a working combination). But I promise to only post the good stuff!!

+ Aberdeen - The Boy Has Gone Away (Radio Edit)
Title track from the re-released EP (one of three).

+ Two Hours TrafficHappiness Burns
From the forthcoming album Territory.

+ Lovers - Figure 8
From the forthcoming album Dark Light.

+ Ed Vallance - Famous Last Word
From The Summer Fire EP.

+ Bearstronaut - Shannon (single version)
From a forthcoming EP.

+ Tiny Cables Ink - Beyond The Horizon
Recommended by J.A.

1 comment:

Mikkel said...

Always liked the "not radio edited" version of that Aberdeen track sooooooo much more... But thanks anyway