August 26, 2010

Paper Planes Festival (part deux)...

As promised a few words to follow-up the video I posted yesterday. Catching Paper Planes is a (fairly) new Danish booking and management agency (committed to promote, counsel and manage the talented musicians of Denmark and the world), and tomorrow night a small festival named Paper Planes Festival 2010 will take place at Huset in Copenhagen. Unfortunately I won’t be able to show my support by attending, though I so much wish I could, as the line-up (consisting of 6 bands) looks really interesting. Obviously I’d love to see old favorites Entakt (again), as this will be the first time in quite a while that the band is back on stage (as a band) performing live. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they include a few new tracks in the set. So yes; for that reason alone I’d love to be there. But even more intriguing (if possible) would be the opportunity to witness the debut concert of new act Tempomatador. Who, you might ask? If I say that they (not so long ago) was called Mikkel Max og Drømmenes Bodega, you’ll probably still ask who? But if I add that frontman Mikkel Max used to be in EPO-555 and Oliver North Boy Choir (along with bassist Ivan) as well playing the bass in The Boombox Hearts, those names might ring a familiar bell? Anyway; they play lovely, catchy, yet somewhat melancholic and Danish languaged pop music, with a self-declared ambition to be the best band in the world…some day. The Festival kicks off tomorrow at around 7 p.m. and the tickets cost a reasonable DKK 100.
+ TempomatadorGlas og Støj (so highly recommended)
+ EntaktKunsten at Slippe Taget

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