September 8, 2010

From the mailbox...

Yay! Here we fucking go again. No words. Just plain music. I know these posts are boring shit, but today I’m doing what dozens of, hundreds of, the true number is probably closer to a thousand, people are asking me to do; “please give our music a listen” or some different version of that sentence. And since multitasking is not my kind of thing, I cannot write, listen and pretend to be working at the same time. As always I will try to only post the good stuff, though I cannot guarantee that one or two blunders won't be included.

+ Tara SimmonsI Cannot Be Saved

+ FieldedAnother Time
This one’s really, really cool! "It's a creeping march through the dark side of 80's no-wave, but with fantastic pop sensibilities". Exactly!

+ The Migrant - The Organ Grinder
Funny! Didn't know that this guy was from Denmark. Neither did I know that he used to be in The Elephants (not sure if "used to be" is the correct term, as the band is probably still around) just like Martine of C'est Tout Martine (that I mentioned two days ago)!

+ Engineers - In Praise Of More (Radio Edit)
"...the first song co-produced by Engineers and their new full-time member Ulrich Schnauss."

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