September 20, 2010

Modern History...

The new OMD album The History of Modern is (finally) out today, but thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I’ve been able to give a few listens prior to the release. The band still sounds unmistakably like OMD, as they have found inspiration everywhere in their back catalogue from Enola Gay to Walking on the Milky Way. Obviously the album is neither a new Architecture & Morality nor a new Sugar Tax, but less will do just fine, as long as the band doesn’t sound like a sad copy of their former self. And fortunately they don’t, which I probably wasn’t the only one who feared, as they haven’t lost the ability to pen catchy pop songs. Perhaps a new OMD album isn’t what the world has been missing, but sure it's great having them back!

Thanks to the number of visitors to this blog has increased significantly the past month. And this weekend the total number of page views since the launch of the blog surpassed 1 million.

Dane Oh Land will release her US debut EP next month, so the promo mails have started to arrive. When her debut album was released in Denmark two years ago, I received exactly zero promo mails.
+ Son of a Gun

Swedish quartet The Idle Hands is now called Loud as light and offers their fine new single There’s a clock as a free download.
+ There’s a clock

Here’s a really fine one from the mailbox.
+ In GrenadaDistance & Temptation

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