September 13, 2010


It’s man vs. technology today, as my computer is anything but cooperative. is down for the third day in a row! So you won’t have much luck if you try to download any of the files I’ve uploaded to this rather useless service. Need to find a better filehost.

Coast Is Clear turned 5 years old yesterday. Happy anniversary!

Way of the Warrior by The William Blakes is out today to somewhat mixed reviews (ranging from 3 to 5 stars).

The short, electronic and catchy Solid Copper Huntress by Fops popped up in my mailbox last week and will soon be added to my list of current favorites.
+ Solid Copper Huntress

Five track EP Boats by [the] caseworker is out on Indiecater Records on September 20. Hopefully the rest of the EP is a great as the title track!
+ Boats


Parklife said...

Thanks for your mention of the "Birthday" of my blog. :-)
Yes, and I hate it too when boxst is down and no one sends us (their customers!) any information about how long this blackout will last etc. :-/

Oats said...

I've been using for years and never had a problem. You get a GB of storage for free.

I think it is coming up on three years since I first visited this blog. I don't visit Coast is Clear nearly enough, I'll have to take a look.

stytzer said...

@Peter - seems like Boxstr is up and running again. But their service (or lack of it) really sucks!

@Oats - happy to know you're a regular :) You should indeed visit CiC more often. Always some good stuff there.